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In my opinion, this book benefits children and absolutely belongs in schools. I am an RN, so appreciate this book as both a Mom and a professional in the medical field. The author included an interactive section in her new, expanded Second Edition that children will enjoy contributing too. In my professional and personal experience, integrating the lessons is extremely helpful. My daughters and I think this book is a wonderful way to address staying both safe and healthy. For you educators out there, please consider inviting Kathy Picard to read and interact with your students. This beautiful resource and Kathy's presentation will leave a lasting impression that may stay with children for the rest of their lives.

Melissa Conserva

Sharing family love and safety in a gentle format. Coming from a background of mother, teacher, grandmother, and child safety advocate. I loved the book! As you open the book's cover, the text and illustrations tenderly reinforce a unique family love. You are gently reminded of "why"you are loved and an awareness of protective love. It opens a dialogue to share and each page wraps the child in sweet pastels reinforcing its gentle message.    

Magdalen Bish, The Molly Bish Foundation

Refreshingly fearless in its efforts to explain even some of the most difficult but important things, this children's book cleverly incorporates traditional style illustrations and repetition into the modern context we live in. The idea that love is the reason why parents set rules and guidelines for their kids is an important one to communicate, and a good pick for the message repeated within. Whether it's for day to day chores and self care, more difficult topics like identity and healthy physical boundaries, or simply taking a break from electronics to go outside, this book touches on it all in a loving way.  


As a clinical child therapist, this book is unbelievably amazing and so perfect for children. It is helpful for parents, teachers, and other professionals to talk with their children about boundaries and how to help them.  

A Very Satisfied Amazon Customer

The title itself immediately sets the tone for parents and their children. It is a positive and warm approach to a difficult subject that is not easy to address with our children, especially at an early age when they are most vulnerable. I believe it will make it easier for children to recognize the signs and the dangers of their surroundings when being approached by strangers. It also teaches listeners to raise the alarm without scaring them, and that it's okay to speak up to make Mom or Dad or whomever their guardian might be, aware. I also like the simplicity of the story and how it relates to a child's home life in general. Reading this to children in a school setting can be a very positive way to get the message across that they are not alone. This book is meant for all young children and should be available in every preschool and grammar school. It is a major tool for helping to protect our children, and the sooner we raise awareness with children and their parents in a positive manner...the easier it will be for young ones to reach adulthood without this type of trauma affecting their lives.

Carl Croteau

Absolutely adorable! This book is so sweet and a great read before putting the little ones to bed. It is very heartfelt and special to read. I recommend this book to any parent or even grandparent.   


A must have children's book. This book is one of mine and my three and a half year olds favorite books to read every night. The author and illustrator have done a phenomenal job relaying important messages with beautiful pictures that keep a busy toddler engaged the whole time. This story has sparked child friendly, must have conversations. As both a mother and an educator, I promise you will not be disappointed and highly recommend adding this book to your child/children's home library!    


Great Message! A well written story with beautiful illustrations. The message is how the adults in a child's life help them grow up to be wonderful, independent adults that respect themselves and their bodies.


A Must Buy for Kids.  Great book for children.



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