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A message of love on a mission...

Kathy Picard's new resource geared toward very young children is being well received for good reason. She has personal experience with the issues at hand and reaches her audience through this simple story of love, caring
and responsibility. Her children's picture book is a wonderful resource that
starts a dialogue early enough to make a difference. After the book was published, Kathy began contacting local both public and private schools, elected officials, and advocacy organizations that shared her mission to keep children safe from the life-altering trauma of sexual abuse. She wants every child to hear her straightforward message of self worth, boundaries, and how love can be recognized. 

You can contact Kathy directly for reading engagements, volume book orders, and for the many other ways you can help support this life-saving work.   


One of the most important ingredients needed for teaching children about their personal safety is to engage them. Kathy Picard does this when joyfully and enthusiastically reading her book to groups of children wherever she has the chance. With simple explanations and age appropriate questions, her voice and delivery hit all the notes.  Anyone listening is learning, and a child learning about love, responsibility, and personal boundaries is a very positive lesson.  

Shelly Rose, St. John the Baptist School:
Kathy Picard visited St. John the Baptist School and read her informative book,
I Love You So Much our kindergarten and grade one students. During the
reading the students were very engaged as she stopped after each page and
asked the students questions. It was very interactive. Some of the topics she spoke with the students about were stranger safety, bullying, and safe people to talk to. The book was easy to read and to follow along, with descriptive and colorful illustrations. I would recommend that you invite the author, Kathy Picard, to come to your school to read this wonderful story in person.


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