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        FantasticFall Greetings! 

I am thrilled to announce that the new and expanded second edition of I Love You So Much live and available for purchase on Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon. It contains the original story of course, but has added pages, more background on Kathy's advocacy and experience, a few key resources, and most importantly...additional pages to engage children using their natural curiosity and love for creating images. The new material sparks their desire to create, ask and answer questions, and allows them to spend more time internalizing the book's message of love and safety.  

And it's this expanded and interactive second edition that is currently being translated for the Latin American Spanish version. Eventually we want to reach a more diverse and inclusive population with this simple and effective resource for children everywhere. 

Why an expanded edition you ask? Classroom and group settings have encouraged young listeners to engage in activities during my in-person readings. The enthusiasm has been incredible to see, so it made sense to create the expanded edition with additional hands-on activity pages. Engaging young minds early with material and content that excites them, translates into better retention and lasting impressions.

Next up: posters and prints will be available soon based on pages from the second edition with text in both English and Spanish. Organizations and schools can contact me directly for more information about volume discounts, display ideas, and custom

With hope and faith for a safer future for all the world's children,

Kathy J. Picard, November, 2022.


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